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Kubernetes GUI

Simplify your Kubernetes operation with a faster and easy to use desktop client. View, edit and manage workloads on multiple clusters from your machine using a beautiful, fast and intuitive GUI client.

Managing multiple clusters has never been easier!

Connect to one or more clusters simultaneously!


Say goodbye to context switching.

No more switching between multiple terminals or browser tabs. With Aptakube you can connect to multiple clusters simultaneously.

Use the same contexts as in kubectl so you can get started faster. All your pods, deployments and all other Kubernetes resources available in one view!

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β€œFast, slick UI that outperforms Lens and k9s. Each view is well designed and shows you everything at a glance. Works seamlessly with Teleport (and Okta) as well. Aptakube is a breath of fresh air in a landscape of increasingly bloated apps β€” I can't recommend it highly enough!”

Yudhi, Kubernetes & DevOps Engineer
Yudhi Β· Kubernetes & DevOps Engineer
Screenshot of Aptakube showing multiple clusters being selected simultaneously

Aggregated Log Viewer.

Viewing logs in Kubernetes has never been easier. With Aptakube you can stream live and historical logs from multiple pods and containers at the same time.

Looking for something specific? Logs can be filtered and downloaded for further analysis with other tools.

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Screenshot of Aptakube showing logs from multiple pods in one view

Human-friendly resource view.

Stop wasting your time looking for content in enormous YAML files. YAML is great, but sometimes it's too much.

Aptakube uses a human-friendly format to display all the important things about your Kubernetes resources.

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Screenshot of Aptakube's view of a cluster node

Pod and Node usage metrics.

Get a quick overview of CPU and Memory metrics across your nodes and apps. Works with metrics-server and Prometheus!

Aptakube makes it easy for you to find opportunities to optimize resource allocation in your cluster.

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Screenshot of Aptakube showing CPU and Memory metrics for deployments

Zero-config setup.

If you're already using kubectl, then Aptakube will just work, no extra configuration is required!

Aptakube does not modify your existing configuration. You can view any context without impacting your existing CLI workflow.

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Screenshot of a kubeconfig file which is compatible with Aptakube

Forgot how to scale out a Deployment?

Aptakube provides quick actions for common tasks, so you can restart pods, scale out replicas and much more without having to memorize commands.

Same behavior as kubectl, but with an easy to use, intuitive and graphical desktop interface. Less typing, more visual feedback. Get things done, faster!

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View & modify objects. Faster.

All your Kubernetes resources available in a human-friendly format, reducing the time it takes to find what you're looking for.

Love YAML? No worries, we've got you covered! You can also view and modify objects using YAML directly in Aptakube.

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Screenshot of Aptakube showing view and edit YAML capabilities

See what the others are saying about Aptakube.

Aptakube is used and loved by thousands of Engineers and SRE. You don't want to miss out!

Aptakube works with any Kubernetes cluster.
GKE, EKS, AKS, OpenShift, K3s, Rancher and other distributions!

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One app. All platforms.

Aptakube is available for macOS, Windows and Linux

Windows 10+ x64 Β· 11.7 MB

Ubuntu and Debian-based Linux Β· 12.3 MB

Apple Silicon and Intel Β· 20.5 MB

Other Linux distributions Β· 70.3 MB

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to use Aptakube?
Yes. Aptakube connects directly to your cluster's API server from your machine. Your cluster data, logs and connection settings will never leave your machine. Learn more about our security practices.
What Kubernetes versions are supported?
Aptakube follows the EKS, AKS , and GKE release calendar, which generally means the last 5 Kubernetes versions are supported. Older releases of Aptakube may still support older Kubernetes versions.
Is this another Electron app?
Nope! Aptakube is built with Tauri, a smaller, faster, and more secure alternative. Look at how small the downloaded binaries are!
Do I need to install something on my cluster?
No. Aptakube does not require any custom server-side component. It's a GUI client that runs on your machine and connects directly to your cluster's API Server, just like kubectl.
How does it compare to kubectl?

Aptakube is a desktop GUI client to manage Kubernetes clusters, while kubectl is a CLI. They have similar functionality, but Aptakube is easier to use and more intuitive. Aptakube can also connect to multiple clusters simultaneously, reducing the time it takes for you to get stuff done.

Everyone has their own preferences, but in general we recommend kubectl for automation and scripting, while Aptakube is best suited for general day-to-day use, inspection and troubleshooting.

There is a missing feature I need, can you implement it?
We use GitHub to track features and releases. You can submit new requests or upvote existing ones by using reactions and comments.