Built-in YAML Editor to quickly view and edit Kubernetes resources

Like it or not, YAML is a part of every engineer who interacts with Kubernetes.

The tooling around Kubernetes has come a long way in simplifying the creation and maintenance of these YAML files. In most organizations this is fully or semi-automated, which greatly reduces the risk of manually editing the resources.

In some cases, like when engineers are troubleshooting in Production or experimenting something on Non-Production environments, it's extremely useful to have access to the YAML definition and be able to make ad-hoc changes.

Aptakube has a built-in, fully featured YAML editor that allows engineers to view and edit resources directly from the app, without having to switch between the GUI and the CLI.

Screenshot of Aptakube showing view and edit YAML capabilities

The content is colorized for easier understanding and has support for search and collapsible sections.

RBAC is also honored within the YAML Editor. If an engineer tries to modify a resource they are not allowed to, the changes won't be accepted and they'll see an error.

The YAML Editor can also be used as an alternative to the human-friendly Resource View in cases where advanced properties are not shown on their respective Resource Details View.

Tired of using Kubectl? 😓

Give Aptakube a go — a modern, lightweight Kubernetes interface.

Screenshot of Aptakube showing a list of pods from 2 clusters in a single view