Quick actions to help you get things done faster

How often do you google for the command to restart a pod? Or to scale out a Deployment? Or to trigger a new job from a cronjob?

Unless you do that daily, it's easy to forget the exact command to run. And even if you do remember, it's still a lot of typing and copy-pasting to get the right resource name.

In Aptakube we've backed all these common tasks with quick actions, so all those commands are just a click away. You can restart a pod, scale out a Deployment, and much more, without having to memorize commands.

How to restart a pod?

You can't, at least not diretly. Pods are ephemeral and are meant to be short-lived. If you want to restart a pod, you need to delete it and let Kubernetes create a new one.

What you can do is restart the Deployment, StatefulSet, DaemonSet or ReplicaSet that owns the pod. When using Aptakube's Quick Action to trigger a restart, it'll follow the same logic as if you were to run kubectl, meaning that Deployment Strategies such as RollingUpdate or Recreate will be respected, as seen on the video below.

How to scale out a Deployment?

Scaling in/out is the process of increasing or decreasing the number of replicas of a Deployment or StatefulSet. Aptakube provides a Quick Action to scale a resource, so you can define the desider number of replicas with a single click and let Kubernetes do the rest!

What else can you do with Quick Actions?

  • Restart Pods: Available on Deployments, ReplicaSets, StatefulSets and DaemonSets.
  • Scale In/Out: Available on Deployments, ReplicaSets and StatefulSets.
  • View Logs: Available on Pods, Deployments, ReplicaSets, StatefulSets and DaemonSets.
  • View YAML Definition: Available on all resources, including CRDs.
  • Delete Resource: Available on all resources, including CRDs.
  • Trigger new Job: Available on CronJobs
  • Resume/Suspend CronJob: Available on CronJobs

You can access quick actions from the context menu by right clicking on a resource from the list, or from the resource's details page.

Screenshot of Aptakube's Quick Actions for Deployments
Tired of using Kubectl? 😓

Give Aptakube a go — a modern, lightweight Kubernetes interface.

Screenshot of Aptakube showing a list of pods from 2 clusters in a single view